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Statutory demands’ special deadline

Applications to set aside statutory demands do not need to be served by 4pm. Court finds they can be served up until midnight.

It is 3.55pm. You have just raced up George Street by foot to file your client’s application before the Registry closed at 4pm.  It’s been a frantic few days preparing the Application and Affidavit within the 21 day timeframe. You realise that all your hard work means nothing unless the Application is served.

Take heart, there is more of the day left for you to effect service. […]


Chance to support first ever Professional Counselling and Training Project in Cambodia

Have you ever wanted to make a life-changing difference? One that will heal hearts, change mindsets and transform lives?

Please join me in supporting a sustainable, accredited and professional counselling educational program in Cambodia.

The goal is to  train 25 counsellors over the next 2 years to stop the cycle of trauma.

Heal hearts.  Change mindsets.  Transform lives.

For all world changers, this is the first university course of its type in Cambodia!

If you believe in the saying “it is better to teach a person to fish” this will not only be teaching one person but giving them the skills to heal the trauma of many.

A student that wants to learn; a teacher that wants to teach

Chaya* is one of hundreds of brave women in Cambodia who want to help heal their country as it rebuilds from the atrocities that occurred in the 1970s. To do so she needs education and skills but she is from a poor village.

Chaya […]

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