Reflections on the Advanced Mediation Workshop at Harvard (June 2017)

It is not every day you can mediate a dispute with a UN humanitarian negotiator or a Judge from Brazil!

Just recently, I had the privilege of being alongside 47 fellow mediators at the Advanced Mediation Workshop at Harvard University (Cambridge, US). The student mediators hailed from the US, Russia, Brazil, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Australia was well-represented, with 1/8th of the group being from the land of girt by sea.

I confess I was seeking an excuse to ‘go to Harvard’ (note unashamed name-dropping above!) and to get my NMAS accreditation without having to do the beginner 3 day courses.  Like many of you, I completed mediation subjects as part of my LLB and have mediated disputes for years – so a ‘mediation 101’ course didn’t excite. […]